Train Journeys

5 Wacky Things that will make Long Train Journeys Bearable

Train journeys are enjoyable as long as they aren’t long, or if you aren’t alone. But if you are in a situation where you have to make a long journey all alone you are probably not going to find that interesting. So here are some of the easiest ways to get rid of boredom and make your journey as memorable as possible.

Train Journeys

Read books:

Whenever your journey is long, never forget to carry your favorite books along with you. If you are someone who loves reading, this is that ‘me time’ you have always been waiting for to finish off your favorite novel. You will never get an opportunity better than this. So carry your favorite novel. The creepiest novels are the best when you are traveling alone. The excitement keeps you up all night.

Befriend strangers:

Befriend a stranger who is beside you and get to know as much as possible about that person. Share your stories and get to know theirs as well. Talk about something contradictory and conspiring and fight with that person pointlessly if possible. Then simply laugh and make it look like a prank. A lot of great friendships begin on a train journey. So see if you can find someone like that.

Movies, music, and games:

If you are not the book type, then it is only music and movies that can save you from the boredom of traveling on a train for unreasonably long hours. Get some good movies, pop-up your earphones and shun the whole world out of your head. This way you will be able to kill a large portion of the time that you will have to spend in traveling. Befriend people around you and convince them to play a game, have scores and see who wins.

Take a walk:

Do not stay put in your place. Try to move around and find out the things that are happening in other compartments. Bring kids from other compartments and play with them. Put up silly fights, pull each other’s legs and have fun. Walking in the train from one end to the other is the best thing you can do. A train is one place where different types of people get together. Check out if it’s true.

Play a prank:

Pranks are best when you pull it on strangers. There are a lot of fun things like switching food packets, bags, and footwear. Do all this and have fun watching their reaction to the stuff that is happening around. Make a friend’s face look funny and never spill the beans until the person finds it. But make sure that you play pranks that do not hurt people.