What to do if your Passport is Lost or Stolen while Traveling?

Losing a passport is one of the most horrible things that you can face when you are on a trip. You do not need one if your travel is well within the boundaries of the nations. However, if you leave the country and travel to a different country, this is the basic document that proves your identity and also protects you against a lot of suspicious stories, in case if they doubt your arrival and case in that country. But remember, losing a passport is not the end of your life.


So here are some of the things that you can possibly do in the event that you have your passport lost or stolen in a foreign country:

Ensure the situation:

The first thing that you have to do when you think you have missed your passport is to make sure that you are sure of the incident. You cannot involve the officials only to find out that your passports weren’t missed but were just misplaced. The situation after that is not going to be great, you have simply wasted the time of the officials, and you will be held responsible.

File a complaint:

Once you have gained control of the situation and you know for sure that you have missed your passport you can file a complaint with the local authorities. Remember to narrate all the incidents in order. Try to remember the places that you visited in order. In case if you personally suspect someone to have done this on purposely, then you can ask the officials to make a note of your suspicion as well.

Get a new one:

Once the officials have taken a note of the situation, they will help you get you get a new passport. In most cases, they will take all necessary steps to recover the old passport. If that option is ruled out the passport is lost forever then they will probably make arrangements for a new passport. With the details that you have given, your old passport will be blocked so that no one can misuse the document.

Use the services of the embassy:

You always have to option of seeking shelter in your embassy if things are getting a little tough and you have issues with the authorities there. Your embassy is always there to help you and take care of the situation. You can always explain your plight to the embassy and ask them to talk to the local officials with regard to the issue.

These are some of the things that you can do in case if you have missed your passport or the passport is stolen. No matter what happens, all that you have to remember is that you should panic. You are not going to stay here forever. People around will help you out, and you can stop worrying about the incident.